Evaluation Question 3

3) What have you learnt about technologies through the process of constructing this product?

During the beginning of the production process, I researched different idents. This showed me that idents differ greatly between different genres. Because of this I strictly researched horror movies and the idents attached to them. Because of this I discovered the many different tasks that a film company will have to undertake in the production process and distribution. In many cases a production company will fund and budget the film and have control over much of the production process and most of the distribution.

After researching specific idents for my genre, I discovered many key features including a slow pan effect. This is very common and creates an eerie almostphere to begin the film. Another common aspect of a horror movie ident was dull black white and grey colours. I chose to defy this however, as contrary to the typical horror my movie doesn’t begin with a death or something that requires immediate suspense. I instead used navy blue ice effects which match my dark blue lighting for, showing a grungy mood I tried to emplace.

This actual creation of my ident was assisted by a step-by-step guided video which allowed me to create something advanced and allowing me to learn new skills along the way. The ice effect created shows a isolated text underneath ice. This ominous ident, I feel perfectly matched my opening as my film questions the nature of the boys and the consequences they will receive because of it just as my ident questions the reasoning of how it became stuck underneath the ice.

After researching many different horror movie production companies I would hope to use ‘Ghost House Productions’ to produce my film as they have expertise in the genre and due to their success have large budgets.

The company Ghost House Productions has produces films such as ‘Don’t Breath’, and ‘Drag me to Hell’ which have both been very finically successful and critically acclaimed films, which also match my chosen targeted audience. This company would be able to advertise my film worldwide with its large budget and thus allow me to meet the maximum audience possible, allowing me to achieve the most profit in both the box office and in later dvd sales and rights to TV premiers.



Evaluation Question 7


Looking back at my Preliminary task, which I created at the beginning of the my year in media, I can see obvious improvement in my camera skills as well as my editing technique. As I was new to the subject with very little experience prior my initial film was very simplistic and no real skills shown. Since then I have learnt a variety of new skills such as practicing the 180 degree rule and practicing with adjusting aperture. In my preliminary task I only used simple long/mid shots to show my characters walking portraying a chase scene. This, although signs could be seen, showed no real advanced shots or techniques including very simplistic editing only on premier for titles.

Since this I have improved drastically through the use of advanced titles and a better knowledge. In my preliminary task I only used one sound file which was a suspenseful background music. This in contrast to my final project, which contains multiple different sound effects including ambient sound effects, diegetic and non-diegetic sound. This allows more a much more intense and effects final product.

In my preliminary task I used premier to add my titles into my film, which a simple fade in using a changing opacity. This although effective was simple and didn’t allow for much development. In my final film however I used a different program entirely. By using after effects I allow myself to use much more suitable font and match the titles to the action on screen. I researched different film openings and created a timeline of titles for the film ‘The Babadook’, a horror film that suits my genre. By doing this I was able to transfer these ideas into my final film.

Since the early stages my confidence in programs like After Effects has increased significantly; as my final film opening required title to fit in within the conventions. I first practiced adding titles to a scene of Mission Impossible III, Lord of the Rings and Serenity. I chose these films so that I could experiment with different types of fonts that I could use in my opening. Previous to this, I had created a title timeline of a film titles. This was extremely helpful to me when planning my sequence of titles. I used the timeline as a template and odered it in a very similar way.

By using all these new skills, learnt from new exercises, in my final project I was able to create a final film opening that I am proud of, which shows a considerable improvement from my preliminary opening.

My Preliminary Task can be seen here :

Evaluation Question 6


During the production of my opening film I have learnt a lot about the technology necessary to produce something of high quality, through the use of different recording devices and editing programs, which enabled me to further my technology skills.

I used a cannon DSLR 1200 to film part of my footage. I had used the exact camera several time before in exercises built to improve my skills such as, an aperture task which required me to adjust the aperture and ISO to change focus on different objects. This exercise allowed me to already have some skills which I could then apply to my final product.

For the second part of my footage I used a GoPro hero 3 black edition attached to a Gimbal to create a stabilised shot, to create a sense of speed outside the car. This shows the dangerous side of the protagonists and their reckless driving. This juxtaposed the rest of my footage which is set on a tripod showing a much more static stationary scenes, allowing the opening car scene to seem even more intense.

I used two pieces of software in the production of my film, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, and Adobe After Effects CS6. Adobe premiere allowed me to edit my raw footage and add sound effects easily. This as well as an added plug in, magic bullet, allowed a small colour adjustment to create a more eerie atmosphere by adding slightly more blue into the footage. Adobe After effects was then used after my footage and sound effects were in an order that I was happy with. I then added the final adjustments such as Noise to create an interference overlay as well as the titles for my film, while offering a variety of fonts suitable for my genre. I also used After effects to create the Ident seen at the beginning of my opening, by using tutorials online, which provided a step by step guide on the creation of it.. I used both of these programmes as they are user friendly while also allowing for professional editing, creating a impressive final product.

Finally I used Vimeo to upload and store my videos. Vimeo is a free online cloud which allows you to store a small amount of footage which can then be accessed online at anytime.

GoPro hero 3 Black Edition / Gimbal Stabiliser:


Cannon DLSR 1200:



Second Draft

This is the second draft of my final film opening.

Obvious improvements can be seen from my first draft however still not finished as titles and some moments need to be adjusted.

Some sound is needed between the two songs to fill the gap

During the blackout before the final clip I will have the actors

After the final clip the Film title will appear with the sound still play.

The rest of the titles will be played during the driving clips


Evaluation Question 5


I first had to discover my target audience which was achieved through the use of surveys and interviews which can be seen in detail in ‘Evaluation Question 4’. Using this I was able to identify my potential audience and this allowed me to Attract and address it.

I adressed and attracted my audience by using people their own age range and thus they will relate to people who share similarities to them. This means that they would be more interested in the film as my interview and survey expressed that this would be an effective protagonist to use. I have used conventions typical to a horror film that people would expect such as dark eerie atmosphere, recommended by my survey results. I have used protagonists as well as an unknown supernatural antagonist complies with the codes and conventions normally seen in films of this genre. By using conventions expected of a horror opening I am able to incise and attract my audience as they are able to clearly identify the genre.

I have attracted my audience in my opening film sequence as I open questions without answer any. This leads the viewer to ask questions and thus want them answered drawing their interest in the film, making it a successful film opening.

My interview can be seen here:


Evaluation Question 4


My desired target audience for my film opening would be typical of a successful,  conventional film with similar plot within my chosen genre, this would make incise the desired target audience. This would be between 15-25 as, through research on target audience and qualitative, primary research this was the most common inequality bracket, thus assuring the maximum market will be reached. This teenager to young adult bracket, is vital as it is the majority of viewers and must be adhered to as a result of this.

I was able effectively target this group of consumers through primary research which I mentioned early. This included a survey and interview which asked a small sample that matched my age bracket (16 year olds) what they would expect and hope to see in successful a horror film. I was then able to use this information to improve and adapt my ideas for my horror film opening. This instant feedback and response allowed me to directly target my desired audience and accurately deliver on a opening that would connect with my targeted audience. I asked questions such as location, who the main protagonist should be and their favourite horror films so I could do some research into pre-existing horror films, to inspire me.

My results concluded that the majority of my sample were under 18 and thus I should not produce a ’18’ as it would eliminate a large majority of my audience. ’15’ was also the most common film rating watched and would continue to grow my reach for my target audience. The location was in agreement that it should take place in a ‘creepy’ ‘abandoned’ location. To achieve the results I delivered the questions to multiple school friends as well as family and teacher of my school. This allowed me to achieve a large sample and a vary of different results.

As well as a survey I asked more in depth questions about my film in the form of an interview. This was on one of the school friends who participated in the survey and was 16 years old. This matched my targeted audience perfectly and thus gave me even more ideas for my opening.

After all this research I believe I have effectively targeted my audience after finding the most common and successful market for my genre. As well as having used the results and feedback given to improve my final opening film.

My survey can be seen here. https://owenssupercoolblog.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/survey/

Evaluation Question 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 10.01.08

In order to evaluate how social media groups are represented in my product I can firstly look at my main protagonists of male teenagers. This social group is commonly represented in the horror genre, showing them as boisterous packs who cause trouble. This can be seen in my film as the teenagers are out trespassing and destroying property. This can be sends in other similar films such as ‘Scream’ in which a group of teenagers are travelling in a car together. These teenagers meet the social group as they drive what looks like a first car that is kept untidy. Showing a lack of care which ties back to the apathetic nature expected from this social group. I have used a small group of teenagers to match the convention of the 17 year old who can always be seen in packs, this allows the audience to clearly see what social group these boys are from. The varsity jacket that the one boy wears also complies to the stigma of an American teenagers which can be seen in many films of this genre including ‘Scream’.

Evaluation Question 1


Firstly I believe it can be seen that my media product uses traditional formats of the horror film genre. A key characteristic of the horror genre is that is relies heavily on the shock and surprises for the audience, along with a overall sense of danger. I have followed this pattern in my own media product after selecting to explore the talent to create a creepy environment, and a sense of unease. In my opening I have looked back to older horror movies and researched how to introduce characters and an evil that will continue throughout the remaining film. I illustrated this representing the horror genre through using the technique of using wide angle shots and establishing shots to show the house being visited, while close reaction shots of the characters to show their discomfort. Moments of silence are particularly effective as this enables the audience to suspect something is to come. This is very typical of a horror film and can be seen in most films including ‘The Babadook’ and using sound effects and editing I am able to introduce the eerie atmosphere and make the audience feel they are inside the feet of the characters.
I have matched conventions within the sound and music of my film as I have altered the tempo and pitch of the music to create an uneasy feeling which I found was very common for most classic horror films. I used the originally upbeat song of ‘Tonight you belong to me’ by Patience And Prudence written in 1956. This fits multiple other films which alter the music being played as it contains an aged creepiness to it. As well as this I believe my product also develops forms of conventions of a traditional horror film in the settings it uses. My settings used are all typical of the genre therefore follow the usual conventions of a drama film, including a haunted house and car filled with teenagers. This is similar to many other films such as ‘The Haunting’ and ‘The Women in Black’ which all surround one isolated house.